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Business Law
Thinking about forming a business?  Click on the above link for answers to frequently asked questions about forming a business in Louisiana.  For more information, please contact Ray Ladouceur at 985-718-4992.

Estate Planning
Whether your estate is small, medium, or large, the importance of engaging in proper estate planning cannot be overemphasized. The answers to frequently asked questions involving estate planning in Louisiana can be found by clicking the link above. For more information, please contact Ray Ladouceur at 985-718-4992.

The link above will take you to answers to some frequently asked questions about successions in Louisiana. Please be forewarned that this is general information which may not apply to your situation, depending on the particular facts and circumstances. The information is not meant to constitute legal advice; always consult a competent legal advisor, preferably one certified as an estate planning and administration law specialist by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, to obtain advice pertinent to your specific problem.  To speak to such a specialist, call Ray Ladouceur at 985-718-4992.

Ray Ladouceur is also a licensed certified public accountant in Louisiana. His CPA firm handles individual, business, trust and estate tax return preparation. The Abita Springs number is 985-718-4992.  For answers to some frequently asked questions about taxation, just click the link above.


Commercial Litigation

“One is not relieved of his obligations simply because he made a bad bargain.” Bernardi v. Bernardi, 417 So.2d 382, 383 (4th Cir. 1982).

It is in the area of commercial litigation that best illustrates the importance our mission: to protect our client’s interest in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Few disputes involve million dollar claims with litigants prepared to pay any price for victory. Most disputes involve damages and costs of litigation one party is able to more easily bear than the other. Since over 90% of lawsuits settle prior to trial, it is important to allocate resources to uncovering the truth, focusing on the real issues, and getting to the bottom line: resolving the dispute.

There are numerous tactical decisions which must be made throughout the course of a business dispute. By keeping you informed, you have the opportunity to help control the cost and pace of the litigation.

If you are in a dispute, please call Ray Ladouceur to schedule a free initial consultation to determine if we can help you. 985-718-4992.

“The laws aid those who are vigilant, not those who sleep upon their rights.” Waterbury v. Waterbury, 497 So.2d 382, 385 (La. App. 3rd Cir. 1986).



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